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  • Augmented Reality in 2018 | 2017 Year in Review

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  • The Future of Augmented Reality

    A conceptual view of how augmented reality may be used in the future. Although the video depicts the user with a smartphone, in the future it is more likely that the user will be wearing some...

    Hyper-Reality presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media. If you are interested...
  • Why Augmented Reality is the Future

    Could it change the way we see the world forever? More Tech Discussions ▷ Subscribe Here ▷
  • Augmented Reality's Magic Leap

    Animation Toolkit Now Available: 2017 is the year augmented reality launched into the mainstream. Find out why through the lens of the past, the present and the future...
  • Live Augmented Reality-National Geographic

    Advertising Agency: Appshaker, London, UK Creative Directors: Alex Poulson, Kevin Jackson Art Director: Barnabas Nanay 3D: Vertigo Digital Production Directors: Adam Trost, Szabolcs Turányi-Va...
  • iPhone 8 with Augmented Reality Will Be AWESOME!

    Top 25 ARKit (Augmented Reality) Demos on iOS 11! iPhone X Has Been Released! Is the iPhone 8 Worth $1000? iPhone 8 MASSIVE Leaks!!
  • Unreal Engine 4 - Augmented Reality FIGHT SCENE

    Unreal Engine 4 - Matinee fight scene demo in augmented reality Created with AR Plugin for UE4 This video was recorded in real time without any post production. Download...