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  • Hugh Grant Is an Open Book

    After James recalls their first meeting, Hugh Grant tries to figure out why he can't stop himself from sharing personal secrets. "Subscribe To ""The Late Late Show"" Channel HERE:
  • Hugh Grant Was Intimidated by Meryl Streep

    Hugh talks about his new movie “Florence Foster Jenkins” and reveals how nervous he was to work with Meryl Streep on the film. Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Return to Couples Counseling...
  • PADDINGTON 2: Hugh Grant Confirms Shocking Rumor

    PADDINGTON 2 actors Hugh Grant and Hugh Bonneville sit down with Dave Morales to confirm a rumor that's surfaced on how Hugh Grant was cast in the film. The duo also talk about reuniting for...
  • Hugh Grant on Being a Dad

    The handsome movie star caught up with his friend Ellen for the first time in years, and discussed his adventures in being a father.
  • Hugh Grant Explains Kimmel Liqueur

    Hugh talks to Jimmy about a bad-tasting liqueur called “Kimmel.” Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Return to Couples Counseling SUBSCRIBE to get...
  • Why Hollywood Won't Cast Hugh Grant Anymore

    If you're new, Subscribe! → For about a decade, Hugh Grant was everywhere. The charming Brit was the crown prince of romcoms and practically inescapable...
  • Sophia Grace & Rosie Do Tea with Hugh Grant

    They have a homeland in common, so Hugh Grant couldn't resist the chance to have tea with Ellen's favorite girls from the UK, Sophia Grace & Rosie! See all the joke-telling fun right here.