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TheMostPopularGirls   1 August, 2012

Download Youtube: 3rd Grade | MPGIS S1 | Episode 8

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The Most Popular Girls in School Season 1 | Episode 8
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Directed by Mark Cope ( )
Written by Carlo Moss ( )
Produced by Lily Vonnegut ( )

Featuring (in order of appearance)

Lily Vonnegut as Brittnay Matthews ( )
Kate Frisbee as Mackenzie Zales ( )
Haley Mancini as Shay Van Buren ( )
Carlo Moss as Rachel Tice and Deandra ( )
Dave Hill as Matthew Derringer ( )
Josh Fingerhut as Tanner Christiansen ( )
Andrew Delman as Shay Van Buren ( )

Special Thanks to AJ Gordon ( )

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