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Not3sOfficial   30 December, 2017

Download Youtube: Not3s, Mabel - My Lover (Remix) (Official Video)

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Girl you're the baddest
No need to practice
Cos you're so different
You're always winning, no girl can match this
They can never match you
Cos you're fire like matchsticks
Keep up your image, angel to sinners 
But you the baddest

I can never be a fool to you, my lover (my lover)
Never be a fool to you, my lover (my lover)
Everything I do for you, my lover (my lover)
Never be a fool to you, my lover (my lover)
My lover, my lover, my lover (x2)

Jasmine eyes and
I'm your size and 
I'll decide when we take things further
I'll keep you close
I'm no beginner
I can do both, angel and sinner
You chose the hard way
You picked a winner
Bring the tequila, you know I'm a killer
You're a boss, no nicey
Your Jordan's and your chain so icey
You wanna wife me
Making promises for life b,
You know what I'm asking 
There's no double dancing
No second chances
Chorus (x2)

You a queen in the streets, so no one else could be above ya
When you be on the low, at least you know I got ya
Baby girl you have got my heart locked up in your locker

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